Hi, I am Marta Mak, Polish freelance photographer and visual artist also interested in graphic design. 
Through few last years, I've spent on immigration exploring the life of Spain, Wales, and Netherlands, 
where I currently live. 
I graduated from the photographic arts in EFTI Film and Photography Center in Madrid, Spain.

I am open to any artistic or professional collaboration as weel as available for still life, interior or social photography.   
Please feel free to contact me via: martamak@windowslive.com or facebook

Group exhibitions

2018 Zeitgeist. Ffotogallery. Turner House. Penarth, Wales.
2017 Revolution. Diffusion Festival. Boundary Art. Cardiff, Wales.
2016 Upcycling. PRAE. Valladolid, Spain.
2015 Upcycling. EFTI. Madrid, Spain.
2013 Mínimos. Galeria Cero. Madrid, Spain.
2012 Pasión. Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid, Spain.
2012 Collective MA. EFTI, PHE festival off. Madrid, Spain.


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